Chisala lives in the New England area with her family and their black Maltese Poodle Mix named Riley.

She previously worked in the editorial industry as a creative and editorial strategist.

She created Forever Tweed to curate all the things she’s passionate about.


Forever Tweed is a beauty, food, fashion, decor & lifestyle blog. It is a collection of Chisala’s inspiration, passions and ideas on everyday lifestyle.


I’m named after my paternal grandmother.

My middle name is Ellen.

My favourite colours are deep red and yellow.

I’m very fond of mismatched prints, tweed and tartan. I know you must be thinking, “what a combination!”

I paint everything in our home with white paint. I even revive old furniture with a coat of white paint.

I buy more books than I do shoes and clothes. When I was 19, I moved across continents with just one huge suitcase full of books I barely read, and only a handful of clothes.

I thrive in an organized environment although my life is, more often than not, quite very unorganized.

My favourite pastime is a quiet sunny afternoon at a cottage, surrounded by Garden roses and wildflowers.

My favourite home design is a typical New England yellow Colonial-style home, with green shutters, dormers, brick chimney, red door and portico. A square Juliet balcony always adds extra charm.

My childhood crush was the handsome younger brother of my older brother’s best friend. Well, I wrote about it in my diary at that time, and somehow the diary was passed around the neighborhood and its contents went viral. Needless to say, it was very embarrassing. Sigh*

If you’re still curious about me, you can find me on Instagram or Twitter